The Perfect Raceway Program allows for field technicians to drill fire listed doors in the field.

Perfect Raceway Program

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Over the past twenty years, the need for electronic access control and electrified locking hardware has grown exponentially. As a result of this, many fire listed doors and frames have been modified in the field to accept electric locks, electrified strikes and power transfer devices, such as electrified hinges. Since the 1991 edition of the NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors, Frames and Other Opening Protectives was published, the removal of door core and frame material has not been allowed without listing agency field evaluations. NFPA 80, 2007 Edition calls for the annual inspection of Fire Doors and Frames. Many doors that were modified in the past will surely be recorded in door inspection field reports, resulting in potential monetary losses to those who modified the doors and those who own the doors. The Perfect Raceway Program is the first Certified Personnel Program ever designed that allows for technicians to field modify fire listed doors, while still maintaining the door listing status. Be prepared for fire door drilling by signing up for this exciting new program.