Remember, any fire door must also be equipped with listed hardware! When you modify, use listed products.

Perfect Raceway Program

Apply a Warnock Hersey label to modified doors!

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What are student costs and benefits?

Cost for the class:
There is a registration fee of $400.00 to attend the class. The class is taught by Product Certifications Consultants, LLC with a curriculum jointly developed by Intertek, Marray and PCC. Anyone wishing to attend a Perfect Raceway class should click on the link in the left side bar to check for class dates. The link will take you to the Intertek specific website. Classes are held all over the country, but do fill up quickly, as there is a maximum of ten students per class. The class is hands-on and includes applicable codes, standards and use of a door drilling tool.
You will benefit by taking this class because...
Any time you modify a fire listed door in the field and apply a label, you will be assuring your customer and local Authority Having Jurisdiction that the door has been modified under a Certified Personnel Program. Your customers will also realize that you have put forth your best efforts to help them maintain a safe, code compliant work environment.
With your certification, you can...
Increase your viability in the marketplace by being able to offer your services to other companies who are in the business of access control, but are unable or unwilling to become certified under this program.